“I am intrigued by the world every day. I see the mystery of creation manifested everywhere; I too must be creative.”

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Dr. David Trott 英語創意教學

Dr. David, 十多年前帶著太太及女兒搬至台灣定居. 先後在不同的大學任教, 直到去年退休. 住在台灣的十幾年當中, 他察覺到台灣在某些地方的美感營造相當用心, 且政府用心打造與國際接軌的計畫, 他心中一直想該為此做些甚麼. 礙於忙碌的教學工作, 直到去年退休後, 他就啟動 “行為藝術”及 “創意教學”.

Hand made plastic recycled ocean lures 鐵板蓋拓印藝術

台灣馬路的鐵板蓋甚為精巧, 這是其他國家不一定會用心的地方. 在地面上處處可見的鐵板蓋有著勻稱流暢的各種造型, 而來來往往的路人似乎未曾停留, 也不在意它的存在. 因此他決定啟動用拓印的方式將此美好事物記錄下來,結合美學與詩句來詮釋所見的事物.


發現它的易學性, 深厚的中國文化傳統, 以及與書法和傳統詩句的完美結合, Dr. David 在板橋高中和大埔國中及小學向學生及老師傳授了中國水墨拓印的樂趣.

Hand made plastic recycled ocean lures

從事英語教學是許多以英文為母語的新住民主要工作之一, 但Dr. David想教給學生的不僅是學好英語,更多的是 “實驗”,“創意”及“勇於嘗試”, 在歷程中享受每一次改變與進展的成就感.

若您對上述任何項目感興趣, 請與Dr. Trott 直接聯繫

Dr. David Trott

Dr. David moved to Taiwan with his wife and daughter more than ten years ago. He taught in different universities until he retired last year. During the more than ten years of living in Taiwan, he noticed that Taiwan has a great sense of beauty found in unexpected places. With his heart driven desire to always be creative and with the Taiwan government's heart to cultivate and infuse English into its core educational standards, he has been thinking about what he could offer to students, workers, elderly, and all others.

Sewer Cover Ink-Rubbings

Many of the iron sewer covers on Taiwan's roads are very delicately designed, which is not necessarily a place that other countries might give any special attention. The iron plate covers that can be seen everywhere on the ground have various shapes that are symmetrical and smooth. In most cases, passers-by come and go seeming to never stop and take a look at or care to understand the stories they sometimes tell. Therefore, he decided to record this beautiful thing by using Chinese ink rubbings and combine it with aesthetics and poetry to interpret how he is inspired by what he sees.

Hand made plastic recycled ocean lures From the Street to the Classroom

Discovering its ease of learning, appreciating its profound Chinese cultural tradition, and perfect combination with calligraphy and traditional poetry, Dr. David has taught students and teachers the joy of Chinese ink rubbings at Banqiao High School and Tai Po Junior High and Elementary Schools.

Teaching English is one of the main jobs for many new Taiwan residents who are native English speakers, but what Dr. David wants to teach is not only to learn English well, but also to "experiment",Hand made plastic recycled ocean lures and "embrace creativity and the courage to try". Enjoy the sense of accomplishment with Chinese ink rubbings and the inspiration of what we see in life every day, you will be forever Grateful!